Wreck Diving Trips in West Wales 2019

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Based out of Porthclais in West Wales, from the beginning of 2019 we will be offering dive trips as and when the weather is suitable. We have a 5.4mtr Avon Searider rib with a 90hp engine on the back of her. She certainly can fly.

Our boat holds 4 divers comfortably with kit for 2 dives and still makes good progress. By having small numbers, this gives us the options of going to dive sites further afield and also sites in more interesting conditions, an has room for technical stuff if required. We are happy to head off to Skomer, Ramsey, The Bishops and further afield for the right diving in the right situations.

If its for training dives to shallower wreck sites (i.e. max depth 25mtrs), we will happily take six divers out with single cylinder setup and return to shore between dives to exchange cylinders and have lunch. These dives will all be within 20mins of the harbor.

Our prices are set for 2019 at;

£80 per day per diver for 2 divers
£50 per day per diver for 4 divers
£40 per day per diver for 6 divers

Dates are to suit you and we are flexible with mid week trips and weekend trips.

All within a short distance of us are some great wrecks and scenic dive sites. I’m happy to do an all wrecks weekend, a combined wreck and scenic, or all Scenic – whatever you would like to do.

Here are some of the Wrecks that we enjoy diving and think you would too;

  • The Leysian – Max Depth 15mtr – Lots of wreckage, with cargo holes holding all types of fish.
  • The Amazonense – Max Depth 16mtr – She lies in a small cove opposite a cave. Her broken prop is still seen lying at 14m. Usually there are lots of fish to be seen around the wreck.
  • The Nimrod – Max Depth 32mtr – A Paddle Steamer from Ireland, 583 tons 177 feet long and 25 feet wide. The wreckage is quite widespread, and very interesting.
  • The Langton Grange – Max Depth 30mtr – A dive not for the inexperienced, especially on the North going current. 1 x 3 cyl. triple expansion engine, 4 boilers, single shaft, 1 screw.
  • Szent Istvan Wreck – Max Depth 22mtr – A Steamship 2,996 tons, 314 feet long and 40 feet wide. Sank in 1903. The prop is quite impressive, as is the large boiler, rising up 6 metres in the water. Looking down you can see three holes in the top containing pipes. The boiler lies NW of the prop and mast. Bits of wreckage can be see to the east.
  • The Lucy – Max Depth 40mtr – 450-ton two-hold Dutch coaster, the Lucy. This 168ft long vessel sank in 1967 with a cargo of calcium carbide (used in making acetylene gas).
  • The Portland Wreck – Max depth 16mtr – A lovely wreck in a sheltered bay – lots of little bits to see on this wreck.
  • St Georges Paddler Steamer – Max Depth 10mtr – Lies on its starboard side, with port side mostly intact and only a few feet below the surface at lws. Covered with kelp. Boiler still intact.
  • The Whitehaven Paddle Steamer – Max Depth 20mtr – Two boilers, standing on their ends, the engine and debris remain. Lies in rocky gully.

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