Upper Dinas Silica Mine Diving

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A quick trip into the Upper Dinas Silica Mines in the Glyn Neath region of the Neath Valley.

The mines behind Dinas Rock a rather a larger affair than their cousins alongside the Nedd Fechan. Several large entrances are still clearly visible from the path which drops steeply down from the top of Dinas Rock to the Sychryd.

The underground galleries are very extensive, extending over an area some 1000m x 500m. Parts of the mine are now flooded, others will have become unstable.

The material was transported by a series of tramways and inclines and indeed overhead cables suspended on pylons, down to the valley floor and then onward to the Pont Walby brickworks. The former tramway along the southern side of the Afon Mellte from Dinas Rock to Pontwalby is a modern-day bridleway which allows the route to be traced on foot or pushbike.

In later days the material was taken to a brickworks at Swansea until the whole operation closed down in the 1960s.

Myself and my buddy Adam went and dived the lower levels. What an awesome day!

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