Training Week

Scuba Diving Training

A busy week this first week of July. I have started working off a commercial diving boat based out of Dornie on the west coast of Scotland. We started off the week in Lochinver with some repairs and upgrades to the boat.
The first day I worked on the boat helping install a signal booster for the boat, which involved me climbing the boats mast and fitting a new cable up its length to the omnidirectional reciever postioned there. I got hands on and changed the hydralic fluid filter, and also did an oil change on the compressor. We also simultaed rescuing one of our divers from the sea utilising our hand pulley for training drills purposes.
During the remainding days I attended some training courses to make me legal to work offshore on board the boat.
The first day was a Fire Fighting course which was good and thourogh, although if I’m honest I was a bit intimidated to appraoch a fir with a blanket and attempt to smother it. Much happier with using the extinguishers.
The second day of the course was an MCA Emergency First Aid course. This was because the MCA dont recognise the HSE first aid at work tickets so therefore, despite me being a HSE Instructor, I had to do the MCA one. Wasn’t too bad and a good refresher in my personal skills to be fair.
The third day we did our sea survival skills training and this was a lot more hands on and fun, getting to play with survival suits, life jackets, life rafts and the like.
In the evenings I head back to the boat, where I get involved with whatever work is taking place on the boat, one night we cleared off a load of old dive kit, another night some empty o2 cylinders, and fishing arrays. We went to watch the England game and on the way back I found a Tuk Tuk parked outside on the street, so jumped in as the last one I saw was in Nepal, and that was a while ago!
Another night we helped with the final installation of a new air bank. Friday night a dive charter turned up and happily a few of my friends were part of it, John Shelly and Steve Bennett Squires so that was a good evening of sorting them out on the boat.
Saturday we did our Health & Safety and Safety Awareness course with the FITA team. This was slightly more tedious than the other courses as was predominately theory based, but overall it was a good course, and slightly eye opening about working onboard boats. In the evening I met up with the dive charter lads and had a beer or two.
I particularly like the sunsets and sunrise that I’ve had this week – at times they have been spectacular.

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