Solo Diving Upper Dinas Silica Mines

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I enjoy the adventures and diving experiences that I put myself into. If it challenges me and stretches me, then I can learn and grow from it. However, training and skills in advance are key to going on solo adventures, and honing those skills are what gives you best chance of success on each adventure.

I am practicing new ways of filming my adventures, especially when I’m alone, as there is no one else to film me, it also allows me to look back on the adventure and analyse myself, as I don’t have a buddy to advise me otherwise.

Every dive I do, whether with buddies, teaching or solo are dives that I want to analyse and get better from. By filming them, it not only gives me a chance to share these awesome adventures with you guys, but it also gives me the opportunity to look at myself and see how I can improve, what needs streamlining better, what reels need keeping an eye on, and how my buoyancy and fining is affecting my environment.

All good and valid reasons to film myself on these trips.

Kit used on this project were two GoPros, 2 x 4000 lumen torches, and two helmet mounted 1200 lumen torches. I think I need more torches and better positioning to not dazzle the camera.

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