West Wales Diving – Nimrod Wreck plus 1


Rib Diving the Nimrod Wreck

Dates to suit you – mid week and weekend

£45 a person, minimum of two people – if you can’t get a second person, you can pay for a guide at a cost of £50

Second shallower dive on the return – either a wreck or scenic – your choice


Another great wreck in West Wales is the Nimrod which is broken into two parts.

She is a Paddle Steamer from Ireland, 583 tons 177 feet long and 25 feet wide. She sank in 1860 NE of St David’s Head in depths of between 18m and 32m. Forty five people were killed, unable to climb the cliffs to safety. The Captain had previously declined help from a passing ship, thinking she would be able to cope. The wreckage is quite widespread, and very interesting.

Her anchor lies at 20m and the chain leads down to 30m. The bow of the wreckage lies about 7m away. The middle section at 35m. Two boilers are still standing. Willow pattern dinner plates, grind stones, broaches and brass port holes have been found and in July 1998 a local dive club found some silver spoons and decanters not far from the deeper section of the vessel.

For a look and read of the wreck tour for the Nimrod check this out.

Slack occurs approximately three hours before and after high water Milford Haven, though it can vary considerably from neap to spring tides. Some shelter is offered from the headland on a flood tide to give a slightly longer slack.

Diving platform is a rib – maximum divers is 4 on Twinsets or CCR. Launching from St Davids side of St Brides Bay.

Boat travel time is 25 mins to dive site.

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