West Wales Diving – Lucy Wreck plus 1


Rib Diving the Lucy Wreck

Dates to suit you – mid week and weekend

£45 a person, minimum of two people – if you can’t get a second person, you can pay for a guide at a cost of £50

Second shallower dive on the return – either a wreck or scenic – your choice


One of the most favorite wrecks of divers coming to West Wales, has to be the 450-ton two-hold Dutch coaster, the Lucy.

At 168ft long, the Lucy sank in 1967 with a cargo of calcium carbide (used in making acetylene gas). Having struck Cable Rock in the middle of Jack Sound of Skomer Island on Valentine’s Day, the 7-man crew and one Collie dog promptly abandoned ship to avoid the results of the sea water/calcium carbide cocktail they had produced.

The Lucy wreck site lies in the shelter of the island, and it is a calm location for a dive in any wind other than north-west to north-east.

A buoy line is attached to the bows and clearly marked with the ships name. Be prepared to hang on to the line on the way down as there can be a bit of current, especially in large spring tides.

Visibility is rarely fantastic here and a few rainy days can bring it to a silty zero. Even on good days natural light will be minimal, but if you give your eyes a chance to adjust when you reach the wreck at 36m, you will be surprised by how much you can see.

For a look and read of the wreck tour for the Lucy check this out.

Slack water is not essential to dive the Lucy, but if you do want slack it is two and a half hours after high and low water at Milford Haven. Depth can reach 42m in spring tides. Depth and darkness make the Lucy an advanced dive. Nevertheless the usually sheltered surface conditions make it an easier dive than many other wrecks at a similar depth.

Diving platform is a rib – maximum divers is 4 on Twinsets or CCR. Launching from St Davids side of St Brides Bay.

Boat travel time is 25 mins to dive site.

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