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Search & Recovery Divers

Whether it be a lost treasure due to sentimental reasons, or financial reasons. We would be happy to carry out a search and recovery dive for it for you.

We are an experienced search dive team. Working directly for a client or insurance loss adjusters, if you have lost something in the water, we will search for it to either locate it, salvage it or confirm its location. In the same vein, we are highly experienced recovery divers, willing to locate and recover anything from the underwater world.

Recently we found a sentimentally priceless wedding ring in the River Thames which a lot of organizations has said would be unrecoverable. In ninety minutes we had not only located it but recovered it back to its owner – see picture above.

We will travel anywhere to recover anything from the seabed for the right price.

Interested in using our dive recovery or dive search services? then drop us a line and have a chat at or call us on 07534 387152

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