Scapa Flow – until next time

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Well that’s the end of another week in Scapa Flow. We’ve been spoilt this week, great weather and great diving aboard the good ship Karin.
For our final day the team wanted an easier chilled out day, so we started with a pootle around the Seydlitz battleships debris ground. Tons of interesting things to look at including bits of search lights, spotting tower and guns. Following this we dived the the V83, a small and little dived torpedo boat destroyer, that had a big gun, a couple of lovey simple swim thrus and loads of life.
Then back to port, pack up and everybody heads off home. It always feels like an anticlimax as we head off. But it won’t be long until I’m back up here.
As for everyone else it’s been an absolute joy getting to know you all and sharing the week with you. A special thanks to Orkney Hyperbaric chamber for helping one of guys with his vestibular bend and for the support throughout the week in getting him fit to drive home. Also thanks to the MV Karin and it’s brilliant crew.
Until next time.

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