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I love Scapa flow. I have been there 8 times and still don’t believe I have touched the surface of it. It is a place full of history, pain, heartache and adventure.

Every dive you do has a story, and on one dive you won’t even touch the surface of a wreck, you may get around it, but you won’t appreciate it fully. However, from the small patrol boats to the Konig class battleships, you will be mesmerized by the wrecks and the dives.

Whatever your diving ability, Scapa has something to offer you. Most of the wrecks start around the 20mtr depth and can drop to depths up to 48mtr. So as long as you have an advanced open water or sports diver level qualification, you will be able to dive and enjoy Scapa.

If you have an accelerated decompression qualification then you will obviously be able to enjoy it even more.

I run a few trips each year to Scapa flow as it is a place I love, and I also have a lot of good friends there. I always use the MV Karin, not for any weird reason apart from the fact that I love the boat and I respect the Skipper and owner John. He has been quite influential in my diving development and has been a friend and support to me.

My trips are normally a week long diving in Scapa Flow aboard the awesome boat MV Karin. The Karin is a traditional wooden paneled live-aboard, with phenomenal crew.

Accommodation is on a shared basis with duvets and pillows provided, self serve breakfast on the boat, lunch of soups and sandwiches provided and endless tea & coffee. Evening meals can either be self cooked or eat in the local pubs and restaurants.

There are 10 places on the trip. The boat costs £550 per person.
Meeting up at Stromness on the first day – we often do shore dives off the the Churchill Barriers on the Saturday afternoon with our first dives off the boat on the Sunday. Our last dive is on the Friday afternoon with enough time spare for people to get the late ferry from Stromness if they so wish.

The three trips I am running are;

20th to 27th April 2019

17th to 24th August 2019

19th to 26th Oct 2019

Stromness to Stromness mixed gas week 20th to 27th July – incorporating Wick, Orkney and Shetland, weather permitting.

To book a space just get in touch with me on 07534 387152 or  or just book below;

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