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With the huge increase in extreme races that have water based activities, such as Triathlons, Obstacle Courses, Raft Races, Red Bull Cliff Diving Series etc, comes an increased risk of harm and the need for qualified and experienced Safety Divers.

However, its not just about events and activities. You may have a film crew wanting to film in water activities or stunts and require safety support divers with safety boat cover.

Dive Services offers Safety Divers to provide water safety for these style extreme events or activities that may include water as an integral part of it. It doesn’t matter if the water is a lake, dock, flooded quarry or pit, swimming pool, the Sea or whatever, we can provide you with safety support divers to assist you.

We are based in the UK but operate worldwide and can provide worldwide safety divers and support divers, regardless of the project.

All our divers involved with safety work comply with HSE standards within the UK or the higher standard in which ever country we are working in.

If you have an event that could use our skills, please get in touch via or call us on 07534 387152

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