Rib Troubles, Dive Fun!

Boat Diving RIB diving

An interesting weekend. A three day weekend out on the Rib was planned. Yesterday the engine failed to start so dives abandoned and recovered the Rib from the harbour, towed her to a mechanic who diagnosed a loose connection in the wiring loom and repaired the same ready for this morning. We had thought it was the starter motor but thankfully that expense was spared. As a result this morning about midday we tentively took her out in convoy with a friend’s rib just to make sure she would be ok. Thankfully she was and we managed to dive the Whitehaven in a bit of fast moving current, then a couple did the Portland wreck followed by Green Scar off Solva. So a lovely afternoon of Diving, not as planed but lovely all the same. Sorry to Teska Debi Thomas and Julian Dicker who’s plans the boat messed up, hopefully next time. Thanks to Adrian Evans Robert Beresford Kevin Barnes and Dot who helped us today get out and dive.

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