Physically Fit = Mentally Fit

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Our physical and mental health go hand in hand. When you put a bit of time and effort into keeping yourself physically fit, you automatically get an improvement in your mental health. The same is also the true if you keep your self mentally active, then this in turn can lead to good physical health.

There are three recognized ways of keeping both physically and mentally fit. They are simply;

Exercise – Doing something is better than doing nothing, physical training is good for the body but its also good for the mind. Physical exercise works the muscles of the body to burn the fat. It helps improve your range of motion and flexibility. Both great reasons for you to give it a bash. However, when we do exercise, it releases endorphins that are fantastic for the mental side of the body, which makes us feel happy. Ten mins a day would soon build to 30 mins and then onto an hour.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gave a phenomenal motivational speech saying in a day we have 24hrs, which eight of those we would probably sleep and eight of those we would probably work. Then two would possibly be travel, two would possibly be eating and being social. Which leaves four that for most of us we do what we want to do with them. So there’s no excuse to say we haven’t time – our bodies need it. So, allocate a period of time each day – if you cant get out try this – 20 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 2 mins jogging on the spot. I bet you’d feel better by doing that for a week – and build it up slowly.

Rest – just as importantly to exercise is ensuring we get sufficient rest – This includes sleep and relaxation. Rest allows time for the body to recover and recuperate. This can help muscles build strength on the rest days as they heal themselves.

For the mental health, give your mind a break – switch off and chill-out.
Rest gives the body and mind a great chance to rebuild, better equipping it to take on the tasks of everyday life.

Just as importantly is ensuring that you have good face to face time with other people – this is great for the body and soul – and we all need real friends.

I’ve been out training again in the Brecon Beacons as my way of keeping healthy and ensuring that I am fit and able to do what I do. Here is a short video from today’s adventures.

Physically Fit = Mentally Fit

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