Keeping Fit for Diving

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Staying fit for diving is crucial for me. I have an annual medical that I have to pass, in addition to that, diving for a living is physically taxing. I am a big believer in if you want to be fit for an activity then you should do that activity, however, it doesn’t hurt to train in other ways to stay fit if you can. For me, my first love has always been in the mountains and within that world I am a Mountain Instructor, but I would now say that Diving is on a par with that for me.

So this year in 2019, I have decided that I will dust off my boots and get back in the hills when I can, partially to help me stay fit, but also to improve my fitness level. So the first trip I have done this year was a pleasant hike up Pen Y Fan, the tallest mountain in South Wales, and the UKs highest red sandstone mountain. Rather than pictures, I have made a Vlog and will continue to do so throughout the year where possible.

Staying Fit for Diving

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