Easter Diving Week 1

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This Easter we’ve been busy. The week started with myself, Laura and Joshua attending a Seasearch observer course in West Wales with Kate Lock.

This was the first step on the Observer course for myself, Laura, and Joshua. Very informative and increased my awareness and understanding of the underwater world no end. I have a better respect for the underwater world in which I dive and make my living.

Then on the Monday we finished Sarah Cross dive leader rescue management scenarios based out of East Llanion, Pembrokeshire in challenging conditions, four scenarios rolled into a back to back training session. The forecast wasn’t good, so we scrapped using the boat and ran all the training in a blowing SE force 5/6. We were relatively sheltered, however it still made for challenging conditions. Interestingly was towing a casualty to shore and ending up in half a meter depth of thick Wrack seaweed.

Sarah showed great management of all the scenarios thrown at her, and showed lots of skill and knowledge, as well as having the opportunity to learn some more and develop her prior knowledge. A great days skills training and development.

Then to finish off we had some awesome weather to end our few days break in West Wales living out of our converted van!

Joshua got his first dives of 2019 and the sun blazed down on us, a lovely few days diving.

Love diving, love life!

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