Diving Brixham

Scuba Diving Training

This last few days I have been diving in South Devon. I had a few days commercial diving in the north of Lyme Bay and then I decided a couple of dives in Brixham would be a great way t finish it off.

I was put up in a hotel in Torquay, it was pleasant enough, warm and clean – but to say it was old fashioned was an understatement. There was a group staying there with the average age of 70 according to one of the ‘young ladies’ who spoke to me. And, they were there for their Christmas / New Year break so the hotel was 100% festive – and to be fair it was lovely.

Back to the diving, Wow! I loved it. New dive sites for me in Brixham, simple and pleasant diving within the Harbor. Obviously you have to be careful diving in and around harbors, but this one is lovely. Swimming out to battery point and round into Fishcombe bay was a lovely dive. Lots of interesting things to see and some amazing fun with the seals.

I took a wander through Brixham commercial port and it was quite mesmerizing chatting to the local fisherman and looking at their kit. The pots form one boat were being cleaned ready for the next deployment.

All in all an amazing few days in a beautiful part of the UK.

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