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Over the last few days, the weather has been typically bad. It appears we are getting smashed by these tail end of the storms from other regions. This puts paid to us diving in the sea, as wind, waves and poor visibility all end our chances of getting any diving done, never mind trying to catch sea critters.

As such, this is where the inland dive sites come into there own. For people like myself who teach people how to dive, when I cant get out into the sea, the inland lakes are the place to be.

Recently I have run several courses in the National Diving and Activity Center (NDAC) in Chepstow, one in Vobster, one in Eccleston Delph, as well as visiting other sites of interest. As training venues to perfect and hone skills they are invaluable. Nothing beats diving for real in the sea as often as we can as divers, but now and again its great to get in the controlled environment of an inland site and learn new skills, practice old skills to keep them fresh and develop ourselves.

When we get these opportunities to utilize these sites, remember dive safely and to the level your qualified to, and if you wish to push beyond your current limits and abilities do so under the watchful eye of a qualified, experienced and current diving instructor.

Over the next few months I am assisting on and running a few courses which maybe of interest if anyone is interested in developing themselves.

12th to 14th Oct – Advanced Mixed Gas Course – 80mtr – NDAC

26th to 27th Oct – Dive Show 2018 – Stand GB12 – NEC

31st to 4th Nov – Advanced Open Water – Maltaqua in Malta

5th to 12th Nov – Twinset, ADP & Mixed Gas 50mtr – Azores

25th Nov – Advanced Diver (BSAC) Theory – Blackcountry

plus a few other private events going on, mixing in with some commercial work and hand fishing as well.

If nothing above catches your fancy, then get in touch and I will happily arrange some diver training or development especially for you.

Tel: 07534 387152 or diving@diveservices.co.uk

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