Dive Show 2018

Scuba Diving Center

Well, that’s the end of a long and busy weekend at the Dive Show 2018. I was apprehensive about whether to go and whether it would be worth it.

Well, what I can say is that on Friday during our setup, the networking and links I made and built on were phenomenal – there is some very exciting developments going to be happening over the next couple of months with Dive Services and myself so watch this space. In addition to that, on Saturday we were overwhelmed with the responses that we had with 13 course/trip bookings which was great, plus loads of chatting and relationship building.

Saturday evening we had a good social networking session post show and it was great meeting old and new folks alike and being able to quiz the industry gurus over a beer or two and also to find that even though I am new to this industry, there is a lot of support, encouragement provided to me. Sunday in reality wasn’t anywhere near as good as Saturday, but still lots of great links made and friendships borne.

Overall I have to say it was an awesome weekend and for little old me a resounding success.

There’s hundreds of people I’d like to thank for the help, support and also just for coming by and being an encouragement as I embarked on this PR exercise, specifically Laura Chisholm for giving up 3 days of her life and flying from Edinburgh to support and work through this with me – thank you x.

I’m not going to tag them, but I am going to name them – So huge Thanks to Anne-Marie & Will – you guys rock, Al & Freda, Andy & Kerry, Martin Webb, Sarah Cross, Tom & Sharon, Adam Wedge, Andy Wood, Steve & Michelle, Gary & Lindsey, Michael & Robert, Toni – you are awesome (got me out of a hole with my credit card payments thank you x) everyone at #RhonddaBSAC, Black Country Divers, HOTV BSAC, Ronnie & Naomi, the one and only BOYO, Mark Milburn, John Chadwick, Dave Hindmarsh, James Neal, Hywel Dyer, James Hall, Tim Clements, John Parlour and also to Ryan at Sunnto for massive support in firstly providing funding so we could get a cheap stand and secondly for loads of support and encouragement over the entire weekend from all of the team at #Sunnto – plus anyone else I’ve forgotten (I apologize) but I really value your friendship and support. #DiveShow2018#BSAC #TDI #SDI #IANTD

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