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Its been a busy few days recently. Over the past week I have been pretty flat out and running all around the country. I drove to the Lake district for an expedition dive in Hodge Close Quarry. This is an old green slate quarry and mine. There is a dry system above ground, it is easily accessible albeit a steep descent in to the quarry. Access in to the water is easy from this point, but egress would be very difficult. The normal route is through a tunnel which is partially flooded.

We arrived early and did a small recce to locate the flooded entrance tunnels and access etc. Once located the 4 trips from the car to the tunnel, then through the tunnel, then down the ladder to the waters edge were completed.
A short break to take in the vista, and notice that the main cliff upon reflection in the flat calm lake looks like a skull!

Anyways, kitted up we jumped in and made our way across the lake to the tunnel entrance of the mine. I lined into the main entrance and after about ten meters some rope was in situ, courtesy of North West Divers BSAC, who maintain this fixed line from the entrance around the system. We had our own lines just in case and used them where necessary, What followed was a good dive through the system and back out again, including a visit to the adult version of a ‘Gnome’ garden lol. 

Once back out, we hung about to de-sizzle our deco obligations and then a rapid retreat out of the system back to the car and onto Greggs for hot drinks and hot food. A fantastic days diving in what can only be described as an intimidating but awesome place.

I then drove south to Preston to spend a great evening with the regional team of BSAC North West region annual meeting and Christmas meal. What a fantastic night we had, great food, great company, good chatter and meeting lots of new people who work for the NW region.

In addition to both of these events, I spent a day with Daniel Atter completing his BSAC Dive Leader dives which was great, and he also completed his TDI Nitrox course so great effort Dan.

And today on the way home from Preston I had the pleasure of spending the day with Black Country Divers in Halesowen delivering Advanced Diver Theory and hosting the Theory Exam for them. Six guys worked hard and achieved the theory and exam. Now we’re looking forward to the practical sessions in the new year.

Back to some commercial work tomorrow

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