Crazy Weather! Fallen Trees! 50mph Winds – lets go diving up a mountain!

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Diving is my passion, but so is mountaineering. As I’ve mentioned previously I like to combine the two as and when I can. So today I headed up into the Black Mountain of South Wales and had an adventure in the wildest, windiest and wettest conditions that I have been in for a long time.

The aim of the adventure was to hike to the highest mountain in the region and dive its lake. However, the weather put paid to that plan, so we went to the second highest lake of the region and put our plan into action.

Along the way we had to dodge fallen tree, floods, a car crash! a flat tyre and bonkers weather! But surely that all adds to the adventure… well it did for us.

After a good two and a half mile hike from the car park we reached the lake. Thankfully along a relatively good track, pity we couldn’t drive up it but the bollards blocked it.

At the lake we were lucky to have access to the rescue hut for shelter, so I could get changed and the support team could rest out of the wind and rain.

Information states that the bottom of the lake is 29mtrs, I got to 16mtrs and the temp was 1 degree. I wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t pleasant. At that depth it was also very dark down there. I stopped at 16mtr as the bottom of the lake leveled out, so in my mind I assumed I was at the bottom. Maybe a return trip in better conditions would allow for a deeper explore.

Overall it was a great days adventure, which is why I do it. Massive thanks to Scott Davies and Matthew Smith who carried kit with me and helped with brews and food. Also really pleased to have the company of Kerry Rees as safety cover, one of the most experienced mountain expedition leaders I know and to have her help and support was fab indeed!

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