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Hand Dived Shellfish

Dive Services have recently been approved as a first catch buyer and seller of fish and shellfish. The reason for this departure from just diving to catch the produce, is that we can now sell on any shellfish that we catch whilst utilizing registered fishing vessels, or just buy directly from fishing vessels ourselves.

We do this because we believe in ethically sourced and sustainability of our shellfish. That means by buying hand caught shellfish we control the standard of the product that we provide to the industry. It also means that we are not causing damage to the seabed and the underwater environment by using mechanical means to harvest our products.

Depending on where in the UK we source, we can provide you with the following hand caught produce;

  • Hand Dived Scallops
  • Hand Dived Razors
  • Hand Dived Uni

If you would be interested in buying ethical and sustainable, hand dived shellfish, please get in touch with us on 07534 387152 or 

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