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Sometimes I love my job. Sometimes my job frustrates me, especially when the weather looks beautiful but the wind eliminates the opportunity to get in the water.

Often with the very nature of the work I do, when the wind is too rough, we cant launch the boat, and if we cant launch the boat we cant get divers in the water. And if I cant get in the water, we lose money. So today as I write this is a blown out day, so the Admin that gets ignored through the rest of the good weather times gets looked at.

It is rare that we let weather interfere with work, but safety always comes first so no chances are taken that may interfere with the safety of divers and our crews.

I offer all aspects of diver training for open circuit divers and in addition I also provide commercial diving services. The commercial diving work I offer and do includes all aspects of commercial scuba diving. This is all done in line with the HSE ACoPs L107, L104 and the Shellfish guidelines.

The commercial diving work that I carry out at the moment and have been carrying out includes;


This week we’ve had a couple of great days out diving, but we’ve also had a few days where we’ve sat in the harbor waiting for the weather to clear. These days are days of maintenance and frustration, but allow us to get things ready for the days which are better.

Whether your diving requirements are for a one man safety diver or for a full diving team of support divers with safety boat cover, get in touch and we can help you. We work UK wide and further afield if required.

In addition if you are looking for hand dived produce, get in touch and we will see how we can help you.

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