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This week has been a busy week. The plan was to head off shore for some hand fishing, combined with the completion of a Boat Handling Course, some recovery diving for a local fisherman whose store box got stuck in a cove against the rocks in the storms recently and some mooring inspections.

The first day out was an early 5am start from home, and then the three hour journey to the dive boat. We were ropes off by 830am with everything on board for a long day. Forty minutes later we were on the dive site, kitting up and getting ready to get on with the diving. The weather was okay with maximum force 4 forecast. Four dives by each diver were completed to maximum depths of 25mtr. On my forth dive, a 1mtr Porbeagle shark swam across my path  literally within touching distance. The one time I wish I had my GoPro on permanently as by the time I had it out the shark was gone!!

We then headed back to port and a fifth dive was carried out to inspect a mooring for the harbor master.

During the day, Scott completed all the skills required for his Boat Handling qualification and has therefore achieved that award. He’s racked up in excess of nine hours boat handling over three days, so not at all bad, and has certainly got the hang of all the skills needed to handle a dive boat safely. Also very pleased to say that Scott has joined Dive Services as our part time Intern. As such, his role is that of surface support, boat handler, safety cover and anything else that may come along. And when the weather is good, he’s going to develop his diving. Welcome to the team Scott.

As we got back to harbor the ignition on the boat decided to stop working. As such, urgent repairs took place on the quayside – thanks to mobile data and my laptop, we resolved the problem and the boat worked fine again.

Day two was a repeat of day one but with a 7am start rather than 5am which was a relief. Another dive site today, in slightly more challenging conditions with up to force 5 blowing through with gusts even greater. Twelve hours working off a RIB boat in these conditions was tough. However, we persevered and by the end of the day we had four dives completed and mission accomplished.

Scott’s new found skills were certainly put to the test driving the Rib home in the blustery conditions we had today. We headed back at a steady pace of 12 knots as anything more was unbearable in the swell as we got rolled around, and got back to Port in time to meet up with our fisherman friend to see about his storage pot. Sadly it was not located within the time period available and with the growing swell, so that’s been postponed for another day.

For our final day today, it started with a pre-sunrise dive to check out a sink anchor on a mooring for a private client where a boat was due in first thing this morning. It was lovely flat calm and peaceful as I rolled off the rib into the sea. Nice shallow dive to end the three days away.

A good constructive three days with stunning sunrises and sunsets – makes it all the more amazing.


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