BSAC Wreck Diver

Looking to build your core wreck diving skills?

The two-day BSAC Wreck Diving course develops and consolidates diver skills so that they can safely and enjoyably plan, dive and explore wreck sites as well as fully understand the legal requirements associated with wreck diving in the UK.

This course focuses on the essential skills and practical techniques needed to safely enjoy a wreck site. Although it is a non-penetration course, it lays the foundation skills needed for the BSAC Advanced Wreck Diver course which is currently being written and which will offer penetration wreck diving.

The BSAC  Wreck Diving SDC is delivered via theory lessons, practical sessions, in water lesson and two open water dives. It can be run over a whole weekend or over a series of evenings and weekends.

Entry requirement

You need to be a minimum of BSAC Sports Diver (or acceptable alternative). Participants on the Wreck Diving SDC must be able to safely conduct a direct ascent to the surface at any point in a dive.

What you’ll learn

The course has a mix of theory-based and practical lessons, including:

  • Types of wrecks, layouts and wreck law
  • Safety considerations when wreck diving and equipment needed
  • The practicalities of and techniques for diving wrecks
  • Line laying skills – both dry and in water sessions
  • Planning the elements of a wreck dive and putting that plan into practice

Learning materials

Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course. The pack includes: the Wreck Diving course manual and a Qualification Card application.

To do this course get in touch with us at;

Or give me a call on 07534 387152 to book your training or to discuss it more.