BSAC O2 Administrator


Want to learn how to safely administer oxygen?

This one-day course is designed to teach the administration of oxygen as a means on increasing the effectiveness of First Aid treatment of diving accidents. Oxygen treatment takes place on the surface – either on a boat or dry land. This course gives confidence to divers so they can assist with a diving-related injury.
The course concludes with a practical and theory assessment. Only those who pass the assessment will be able to apply for a qualification card.

Entry requirement
You need to be a minimum of BSAC Ocean Diver (or equivalent). This course may also be open to others at the discretion of the BSAC Safety and Rescue Skills Chief Examiner.

What you’ll learn
The Oxygen Administration course has a mix of classroom-based and practical lessons, teaching you:
• basic life support
• use of the pocket mask
• oxygen and diving incidents and how they benefit from oxygen
• casualty assessment
• the use of oxygen administration equipment

Learning materials
Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course. The pack includes: the Oxygen Administration course manual and a Qualification Card application.

You don’t have to be a BSAC member to do this course as it is a standalone qualification.

Cost is £125 p/person

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