Boat Handling – St Brides Bay

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Following on from the poor weather recently, diving is difficult to say the least with poor visibility in the sea, max vis today at 20mtr was 0.5mtr with a torch on. The day started with an attempt at Shore diving in Martins Haven and seeing six seals washed onto the shore there. As we entered the water, thankfully four of the pups followed us into the water, but two were too far up the beach to get back. We called it into the local rescue organisation and hopefully they helped the last two back to the sea.

As such, a trip to St Brides Bay in west Wales allowed Scott Davies to start his boat handling course.

Theory done, two sessions in the sea actually driving the boat and practicing drills and skills took place and involved the successful recovery of our man over board buoy on several attempts, as well as great mooring work and good control skills.

Looking forward to a few more days out and about on the boat, and see if we can progress onto diving if the visibility improves.

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