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As our Azores trip drew to a close, we managed to get out for a final dive. I’ve fallen in love with this place and I’ll definitely be coming back here as and when I can.

We headed to a quaint fishing port on the South of the island called Porto de Sao Caetano. Today’s plan was threefold with Sam, Terry and Gary off for CCR try dives, Laura and John heading to the bottom of the 60mtr wall and Liam doing his Twinset assessment dive. The two pairs headed off together to the wall, and as we swam over the lip of it Laura and John glided down into the deep as Liam and I continued.

The wall was teaming with life and spectacular in colour. As we rounded a bulge in the wall I spotted an Eel swaying too and fro in the swell so we watched him briefly. Then a slight shadow caused me to look up and a Ray had glided between us and the surface creating a momentary shadow. We followed it for about five minutes as it glided along the wall and over the small ledges. I spread out above it and it was bigger than me. Mesmerising and spectacular in every way. We then headed back to the shore through shoals of fish.

Back on shore every one reunited and congratulations to Liam for achieving the Twinset course, and I think Sam is now hooked on the CCR! We headed up to a lovely local restaurant called Bar Galeao for a scrumptious feast and post dive drinks.

Overall this trip was better than I could have hoped for and I’ve loved everything about it. Massive thanks to Gary at Twin Peaks for all his help, support but most of all friendship. And thanks to all the guys who came with me for the trip and for making it great.

Next year I’ll be back so if you want to come with me and be blown away, get in touch.

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