Azores Diving Day 4 & 5

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This place is truly remarkable. Even on bad weather day, it is still a beautiful and inspiring place.

Its been a privilege to be here this week, the last couple of days we have had some poorer weather, but it hasn’t stopped us getting on with stuff and keeping diving. Eating in local hostelries and spending time getting to know the locals has been great. We spent the evening yesterday in Madelena here in Pico in a nice bar / restaurant. The food was good, and we had a blast of an evening. Today we were diving on the South side of the Island and popped into a local restaurant where he made a feast for us. Stunning food, local wine, breathtaking views, all whilst chilling underneath the Volcano.

So about the diving, its been amazing. Not what I would usually go for, but still its made me appreciate there’s more to diving than rusty bits of metal. Each dive has been a wow moment, the life is abundant here. The pictures truly don’t do it justice.

Today myself and Liam headed out from the Port in a south easterly direction, we started heading down a slope to about twenty meters. At this point we turned East and followed the twenty meter contour, crossing two lava tubes. After the second one, we came to a row of boulders which we swam over. However, what it actually was was the top of a wall, that plunged vertically downwards forty meters of so to the bottom. This wall was teaming with life, vibrant with color and was really mesmerizing. The dive was fantastic, and we completed it with a meander through a boulder field which was vibrant and alive.

More great Groupers today, Eels, fish of every variety, and for the wreckie diver, an anchor or two littered the seabed. In addition to all this, Terry achieved his 50th dive today, hence I picked him up for the bumps in celebration!!

An amazing place. #PicoRocks

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