Azores Diving Day 2 & 3

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This is an amazing place. I’ve traveled a lot in my time, and the Azores appears to be a magical place. It’s windy, but warm. The sea is smashing into the shore with such ferocity and power it should be intimidating, but its magical and intoxicating.

The last couple of days have flown past. Shore dives on the South of the Island as the North is being battered by 3 to 4mtr waves, but the south is like a mill pond. Lovely quaint villages with easy access to the sea, straight into crystal clear aqua blue water 6mtr deep that you can see the crabs wandering around the sea bed from the surface as if I was down scurrying along the sands with them.

We’re two groups out here, a Tec diving group and a recreational diving group. Although we maybe starting together from the shore, the Tec group then heads off into the deeps heading down to whatever depths they wish to, exploring the Black corals and other such delights. In the mean time the rec divers, are enjoying the reefs, lava tubes and caves in the shallower waters.

We are spoilt with an abundance of fish, crab, eels, coral, urchins and an abundance of other marine grasses, worms, and other such stuff. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe it – but it most certainly is.

Hopefully the pictures do it justice.

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