About Us

Dive Services are;

Mark Lewis is a HSE qualified commercial diver, BSAC Advanced Instructor and BSAC Trimix Instructor. Having spent more than 21 years in the military as a training officer, he is a qualified teacher and NVQ assessor.

He is also a fellow of institute of leadership and management.

Mark loves nothing more than to help develop divers to become the best they can be, whether that is through developing their diving, training and developing their emergency first aid skills.

His diving passion is diving on wrecks, he can’t get enough of them. The majority of his diving is within the UK, so is at his most comfortable in the British seas. Five trips to Scapa flow and he still doesn’t believe he’s touched the surface of the dives there.


Joshua is just 10yrs old and is Marks son. He learn’t to Dive on the PADI junior Scuba Diver course and is an active diver, having dived off RHIBS, piers, Shores and taking every opportunity he can get to get in the water. He is a keen wreck diver, having dived several wrecks in the sea around Gower and Swansea, as well as purpose made wrecks in the inland dive centers around the country. However he is most happy chasing fishes and crabs around. He is often found helping out on courses either in or out of the water where appropriate.

He says his best dive in inland water was when he swam with Shoals of fish and a meter long Black Sturgeon in Capernwray Dive Center. His best sea dive was on the City of Bristol paddle steamer wreck in the Gower where he saw a two meter Conga Eel.