50mtr Trimix Course

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Another weekends training completed. This is a culmination of two weekends hard work by Lee McKie and Amy McKie who have worked tirelessly (and fitted a wedding in between!) to achieve their Sports Mixed Gas 50mtr Trimix Ticket.
A great achievement and the next step into the world of Tec diving. Thanks to Martin Webb, Adam Wedgbury and Laura Chisholm for safety diving and support over the course duration.
If you would like to do your trimix course, I offer both 50mtr and 60mtr courses. These are 3 day courses building on the Accelerated Deco training already achieved. Day 1 is a skills and theory day. The remaining days will be deeper diving days.
If you’re interested get in touch on 07534 387152 or email diving@diveservices.co.uk

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