50mtr Mixed Gas Course

BSAC Diving Mixed Gas Diving Technical Diving

Just finished a long and tiring four days delivering a range of courses including ADP and Sports Mixed Gas. Its been great, and the two students, Laura Chisholm and Howard Wilkins have worked tirelessly to achieve the standards required. The heat has been draining on the surface but the 6 degrees at 50mtr certainly changed that 
Yesterday in the middle of two of our dives, three divers independent of us got into problems and for sixty minutes we assisted them along with other divers and staff from NDAC. Thankfully they were fine. However, following that, it was getting heads back into gear and on with the second dive (suck it up buttercup I believe was the phrase of the weekend lol) . Today we have carried out the qualifying dives and both delivered well.
Now to find some shade and try and cool down!!

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