BSAC Technical Diving

BSAC has been actively involved in Technical Diving and technical diver training for many years.

There are many and diverse definitions of technical diving available but BSAC currently defines Technical Diving  as diving which involve using multiple gas mixes on open circuit or that uses  helium based gas mixtures termed Mixed Gas.

The primary driver for adopting the equipment, skills and techniques of Technical Diving is to expand our capability for exploring the underwater environment. In particular the use of Mixed Gas allows us to explore deeper than the accepted limit for air diving with a clear head as the narcotic effects of nitrogen are reduced by replacing some or all of the nitrogen with the significantly less narcotic helium gas.

Deeper diving invariably requires extended decompression penalties and so the ability to carry and manage additional  gas supplies increases the complexity of  running the dive plan and additional planning, discipline and diving skills are needed to effectively manage the gas volumes and mixes involved.

The increased complexity (and weight) of open circuit equipment necessary for a deep dive, plus the cost of mixed gas make the benefits of CCR equipment evident for this type of diving and can be a major driving force for some divers to seek out CCR training. We can recommend CCR instructors if you are looking for one.

BSAC has developed a comprehensive and integrated suite of training programmes for both entry level multi-cylinder open circuit and Mixed Gas courses for open circuit (O/C), i.e. Trimix.

As a technical diving instructor, we can deliver Sports Mixed Gas Diving (depth to 50mtr) and Explorer Mixed Gas Diving (depths to 60mtr). For more information on either, please follow the links.

Give me a call on 07534 387152 to book your training or to discuss it more.